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All property rights to the content published on adsider.com website shall belong to Admixer UA Limited Liability Company (the “Website Administrator”) unless the text of the content expressly provides otherwise.

All personal non-property rights shall belong to the authors of publications and shall be protected in accordance with applicable Ukrainian law.

Copyright and authors’ rights shall be protected in accordance with applicable Ukrainian law.

The content shall mean all materials (news breaks, articles, comments, interviews, consultations, photographic images, etc.) published on adsider.com website.

Free Use and Restrictions

The use of materials shall mean any reproduction, reprinting, distribution, adaptation or translation of a material, inclusion in other materials as their part and other methods set out in the Law of Ukraine on Copyright and Related Rights.

The use of the materials published on the website is permitted subject to a mandatory direct hyperlink to the materials.

No more than thirty (30%) of the text of one information material can be used. The use of the materials in their original size (the full size) is prohibited. Reprinting, copying or reproduction of information containing references to Digiday.com and AdWeek.com websites is prohibited.

A hyperlink shall be included in the first paragraph of the text only. Hyperlinks placed in any other sections of the text will be viewed as a breach of this User Agreement and applicable Ukrainian law and will mean that the material is used without permission of Admixer UA LLC.

All properly registered names, designations, trademarks, symbols and slogans are the property of their legal owners. ® and/or ™ markings shall not be used to denote the trademark status in the materials published on the website.


The author shall be solely responsible for compliance with law and reliability of information published in the Opinions section on adsider.com website. The contents, opinions and views of authors published in the Opinions section are not the opinions of the Website Administration and the publication does not mean that the Website Administration shares or supports such opinions.

The Website Administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses suffered by visitors, users or third parties or for any lost profits resulting from the activity of adsider.com.
In case of a breach of this User Agreement, the users shall be held liable in accordance with applicable Ukrainian administrative, civil and criminal law.

Final Provisions

By visiting our website, you automatically accept the terms and conditions of this User Agreement. A failure to familiarise oneself with the website policy does not release from liability.

The Website Administration may amend this User Agreement unilaterally. If we revise the User Agreement, we will publish the changes on the valid document page.

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