Conference rules

Conference Rules

This document shall constitute an equivalent of a verbal contract, and its terms and conditions shall be accepted by purchasing a ticket on website (the “Website”). Please read the Conference Rules (the “Rules”) prior to ordering services on the Website.

By accepting these Rules, the participant also accepts all other terms and conditions, rules, documents, and confidentiality policies published on the Website, which shall make an integral part of these Rules.

This document is an official proposal (public offer) of the business entity LLC ADMIXER UA (hereinafter – “Organizer”) and contains all the essential conditions for the provision of services (Articles 633, 640 and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CCU) in the case of acceptance of the following conditions and payment for services, a legal or natural person who thus accepts this offer, becomes a “Participant”.

Information disclosed to the participant shall constitute confidential information and intellectual property of the organiser and/or third parties protected by applicable intellectual property law.

1. Rights and obligations of the organiser

1.1. The organiser shall use the best efforts to organise and hold the Adsider Live / 2021 Digital Marketing Boost online conference (the “Event”).

1.2. The organiser shall publish information about any changes in the schedule and the format of the Event.

1.3. The organiser shall notify the participants on any matters relative to the Event by phone, e-mail, messengers in social networks or by any other available means of communication.

1.4. The organiser shall have the right to make changes and amendments in these Rules and any other documents unilaterally. In case of any amendments, the restated documents shall be published on the website.

1.5. The organiser shall have the right to cancel the ticket purchased by the participant in case that the latter breaches these Rules.

2. Purchasing a ticket

2.1. You become a participant upon buying a ticket. The ticket price is stated on the website.

2.2. To purchase a ticket, you should:

– visit the website and choose the number of the tickets;

– fill in a questionnaire where the following fields are mandatory: name, last name, company, position, e-mail address, and telephone number;

– make a payment through the LiqPay payment system (an open web application that allows you to accept payments and transfer money via mobile phone, Internet and payment cards). Please note that bank charges and commissions are borne by the participant.

2.3. After you have paid for the ticket, you will receive an e-mail message with information about the Event. One week prior the event, a personal link will be sent to your email with access to the conference via the “Pine” application ( Please note that uses its own privacy policy. Please read it at the link:

2.4. In case that you are unable to attend the event, the price of the ticket can be refunded if your send a written request at least 14 calendar days prior to the event.

2.5. In case that the ticket is purchased/a written request for a refund is sent less than 14 calendar days prior to the event, the price of the ticket cannot be refunded.

2.6. When refund is made, its amount will be reduced by the amount of bank charges, taxes, and other expenses.

2.7. The organisers may change the terms and conditions, speakers, date, time and programme of the event as they may deem fit. In case of such changes, the organisers will publish a relevant notice on the website.

2.8. Participants should be 18+ years old.

3. Representations and warranties of the participant

3.1. The participant warrants that the information provided by him/her is reliable and correct.

3.2. The participant is responsible for preserving a personal link sent to his/her e-mail address. The organiser is not responsible for the participant’s losing the personal link.

3.3. The participant warrants that he/she will not violate copyright of the Organiser and/or thirds parties in any manner.

3.4. The participant may not transfer or distribute video materials provided to him/her.

3.5. The participant shall responsible for monitoring potential changes in the format, date, time, programme and other term and conditions applicable to the Event by visiting the website.

3.6. In case that the participant infringes intellectual property rights by using intellectual property contrary to these Rules, the participant shall be liable to pay the event organiser damages resulting from this violation.

4. Force majeure

4.1. The parties shall not be held liable for any failure to perform obligations under these Rules in case of occurrence and existence of extraordinary events, in particular: extreme weather, natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fire), epidemics, epizootic outbreaks, political upheaval, wars, civil unrest, acts adopted by governmental authorities, etc., that have occurred and exist beyond control of the parties.

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